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    Click the Image to Listen to A Motivational Minute
  • What is your perception of God? Do you think He’s scary? A killjoy?
  • Wednesday Nights 6:30 – 7:30pm with Tim Paskert
    Wednesday Nights 6:30 – 7:30pm with Tim Paskert
    Lake Carroll Baptist Church 12012 N Rome Ave, Tampa, FL 33612 / Wednesday Nights 6:30 – 7:30pm

“What about you?” Jesus asked. “Who do you say I AM?” It doesn’t matter what others say. Your answer is life changing. Got questions? Find the answers and the help you need below.

Reading-180x180 The Bible stands alone among all other books. It is unique, ‘different from all others,’ in the following ways (plus a multitude more): Continuity, Circulation, Translation, Survival, Teachings, Influence on Literature, and Influence on Civilization. – Evidence That Demands a Verdict (Pg 4, 4-16)

Sad-180x180In trouble? Feel Alone? Feel Hopeless? Chat Now with someone who can help you understand how much God cares for you.

Our mission is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We currently are using three strategies to do so:

– We conduct line by line Bible studies in public places. These groups allow participants to focus strictly on what the Bible actually says. I’m pleased to report the Holy Spirit is alive and well. We have witnessed many people from different faiths (or no faith) come to see Christ as their Lord and Savior. Once they fall in love with the groom (Christ) we connect them with the bride (the local church).

– We use media to reach beyond the walls of the church to those who are lost, wounded, or have walked away from Christ. The Glass Window movie, which has been aired by network TV affiliates throughout the United States, is one of our primary vehicles. We offer it free to those who request it and also provide it with any donation. We utilize the book, The Relationship, in the same manner.

– We partner with other Christ centered organizations and churches. PurposeCity is one of our primary partners. Interested in Partnering? Contact us.